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I just realized that I had already printed business cards too lol OOPS



All ink on 11x15 watercolor paper. Maybe like... 7 hours??? D8 D8 D8 hella days

Alternate title:
  • Mommy, I can haz Barbie?
I messed up the arm of the mom on the left... but... ahhhh what am I gonna do. I might try to revisit this one day.



Hey look I wrote a poem about being Chinese what

I was born in Canada, raised in Californ-i-a.
I took pride in being Chinadian,
although after my fifth birthday I was MIA.
I hated America because it hated me.
But I loved America out of hypocrisy.

I used to say Chinese like it was some kind of
Chinese used to mean
high expectations, exotic objects, weird smells and
bad driving.

Then one semester, thanks to
the Multi-Cultural Center
I thought, why do I hate who I am?
So now I'm learning:
to stop society from oppressing me.
To stop blaming my mom for oppressing me.
And to stop letting myself oppress myself.

So I'm learning and
I'm learning.
Now being Chinese,
always being Chinese,
means my mom wants me to try my best.
It means the food tastes like home, sweet, home, I confess.
It means yes, I am learning a different way
to love my parents and
I am now as proud to be Chinese
as I am to be
all the me's.



And I do not have a clear room. SIGH. This was from last week. My room still looks the same, if not worse.

At any rate, changed the layout a tiny bit.


WIP barbie birth

I'm more interested in WIP's than anything else, so here is one. about like two and a half hours already D8 D8 D8 i work slow lol and iono how to use inks. Hoping this will turn out good!!! Eventually I will learn how to do lights properly...

It's fairly straightforward, but I guess you could go a couple ways with it. Birth of Barbie. The main surgeon dude or whatever is a man and the nurse is a woman and she is far away and real or unreal and I'm not sure who the mom is [maybe she is a child, although I have to say that I intended her to be bigger. Perspective. OOPS. But who the mom is doesn't matter at this point. Once you exit through those doors, you're stuck in TVLand.

In music news, more and more I am losing taste for nerdcore. Just a fad. It's got mostly the same values as any other rap, with less of a catchy beat. Also, more and more I find my true calling in electronic music with heavy bass beats even though I don't have a subwoofer or anything. Dubstep WAWWAAHAHWAAAAAHWAWAWAWAWAaaaa Trashy electronica